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E-Drum Do-It-Yourself: Acoustic to Electronic Conversions

Financial Details

Financial Details
Snare & Toms
Hi Hat
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This kit's conversion cost a total of $1,537.50. However, if you don't need a fancy module like the TD-12 used in this conversion, you could spend as low as $537. This is equivelant to:

(1) Roland TD-6S V-Tour Kit(Details)
(about 4) Roland KD-120 12" Kick Trigger
(1) TD-20 Module

So, by paying 1.5 grand, you're buying a 5-piece, 4-cymbal conversion kit (remember you still have the cost of a used acoustic drum kit), using a module just a step less than the top-of-the-line TD-20, which costs the whole conversion. Plus, you get to have fun with the conversion and experiment!

The cost breaks up like this:
NOTE: Actual prices will vary. This chart should only be used as a GUIDE. Don't assume prices are the same or items are, without a doubt, available. These are the MAJOR costs, you may have to slightly alter your existing kit to compensate for a few of these items (cymbal mounts, etc)

Price (total)
Mesh heads:
(1) 10" (1) 12" (3) 14"

(1) 1/4" Jack
(15) 2" Piezo Element
(8) 1/4" Jack
(4) 2.3" by 1.3" Project Box


(1) 50k Slide Potentiometer


(1) 10" Pintech Practice Cymbal (Splash)
(2) 14" Pintech Practice Cymbal (Crashes)
(1) 16" Pintech Practice Cymbal (Ride)


(1) Roland TD-12 Module


(11) 10' Hosa Stereo Cable


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