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mike323's DIY Project
Hey, thanks for visiting my small site. Here you will find information about how I constructed my do-it-yourself electronic drum kit.

Why go DIY?
Money. Looks. Accomplishment. All these reasons and more convinced me and should convince you that boycotting Roland's overpricing is worth it. Lets take Roland's top of the link kit, the TD-20S V-Pro Series. These go for about $5200 – this amount of money could buy a dream PC or equipment for a mini recording studio! In total, I spent about $450, not counting the only part worth shelling out the cash for: the module. In my opinion, Roland’s modules are just about unbeatable because they are really the only company which has sat down and taken time to perfect the art of electronic drumming. Alesis comes in second with their affordable D4 and DM5, but these have limited features. The module I purchased was the TD-12 because it was only a grand instead of $1500. I wanted Roland’s best rumored sound quality and features, which reportedly were included in the 12. What can I say? The project was a huge success. Take a look for yourself…

Project: Imperialstar
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